Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kaisuu Ticket


Kaisuu (回数) means several times. Bought the ticket at the price of 10 tickets but usable for 11 times. For example, normal ticket costs 240 yen. With this, 1 way becomes 218 yen. For Research student who can't get student's monthly pass, this is the only saver. It is usable to and from any station as long as it's the same distance with the price bought (240 yen).

But what if you happen to want to go a bit further on one day (not sure about shorter)? If you buy the normal ticket, you won't get discount. So, put in the ticket into the machine. And it will be automatically exchanged to the small normal ticket, saying 240 yen. No need for the big ticket. With this then, when you go out, you adjust it at the adjustment fare machine. And well, the discount is not as much as if you use another Kaisuu Ticket, but, it's just a rare journey, not a problem.