Wednesday, March 25, 2009

University Application

On my visit to the university, I was given an application booklet. There, it's written the procedure and the form. Note that you need a professor for Master degree. So I wrote the name of the professor that I met.

I'm in contact with the professor's secretary through email. Firstly I use English, after a few exchange I use Japanese. It's a bit awkward at first, but heck, I'll be learning in Japanese over there! Then, I first send the scanned version of my completed application form as well as my resume, university results, and a letter certifying that I'm finishing my bachelor degree that year. I don't need TOEFL as I have an Australian degree.

The next month, in October. I was told to call the professor himself. Aggh... It was so embarrassing. I couldn't talk properly and was very nervous. And kept on saying sumimasen in a weird way. I wanted to dig a hole... But I was told to continue my application anyways. T_T

After that, I was told to sent the documents by mail. Costs about $36(?) from Australia, reaching Japan in around 5 days, I think. Had to send a few times as more documents were needed. I must thank EMS for fast delivery, though I wish they costs cheaper. Then, bank transfer for the application fee.

Oh, I also needed guarantor. Luckily my dad has a friend who's willing to be one. He's been very very helpful. The secretary helped me to submit my application in November. Throughout the time, I was worried with the exam date. Since I have to book ticket and apply for visa. I only know the date roughly before mid-November, and I booked the ticket and hotel with the rough date reference. The exam was decided to be at the end of December, and it fit into the date I booked, phew.

And so the dreadful exam...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

University contact

My first contact with the university was in June 2008. That time I was still wondering what to study in Japan. Then I found this interesting lab and decided to give an email last minute, if we can visit the lab. I got a reply and we scheduled for a visit there.

On the day of visit, it was my fault that we didn't leave early enough. We accidentally took the wrong train and was late for the meeting for almost an hour. Luckily, they still warmly welcomed us (me and parents and brother), and the very busy professor was still there in the office. It's a bit surreal to see what I've seen only in media, alive. The foreign student there brought us for a little tour. Then showed us the way to get home. It was a loooong walk, and involved another unknown Japanese students on the way. They're all so kind. =3

And so, a few months later, in September, it was decided that I go to this school. So we contact the university through a friend in Japan, but was asked to contact directly with the secretary. And then goes the long journey of emails...

Hello World!

I suppose it's time for me to write about my own journey to Japan. No, I'm not there yet right now, but it is close. If I wait till I get there, there'd be quite a lot to write. Firstly, I'm a research-student-to-be in Osaka. Hmm, let me think what to share first:
  • University contact
  • University application
  • University exam
  • University after exam
  • Finding accommodation (uni / leopalace / normal / with furniture / monthly)
  • Visa procedure (which I haven't yet started, eeps!)
  • University Application part 2
I'm still not too sure how I'm gonna get there, even though I already have the guarantee. I believe in less than 2 months, I'm gonna be staying in Japan. And so, this is my story. m(_ _)m