Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Autumn Leaves 紅葉

In spring we enjoy pink trees (I have yet to enjoy it yet, though, I will in a few months time). In autumn, we enjoy orange trees. One of the popular destination is Arashiyama (嵐山) in Kyoto. The viewing period around here is mid November to mid December. It was 見頃 (Migoro -- viewing time) when I went there last weekend.


Hankyu transfer train #1.


Transfer train #2. Katsura station. XD


Queueing to get out of the station. =_=;;

Following the people to get to the river. Definitely will not get lost, everyone's heading the same direction.. XD Pretty view, right?


The food stands were so crowded. Didnt feel like sitting in the crowd.


Bought an "Aki Dango" though. ¥100.


The famous Togetsukyo (渡月橋 -- Passing Moon?) bridge at the background. Some of the trees are leaveless though. Is it sakura? The pigeons were flying in groups. So pretty.


Geisha? Or a cosplay? Not sure.


Passing through this small garden to go to Tenryuuji temple. There are restaurants inside. Actually wanted to eat the Tofu there. Kyoto's also famous for the tofu?


Sitting at the balcony of the temple while viewing the pond and the background. So pretty, and I love the tatami feel. I could just sit there all day... ~o~


I like this railing design.


See those orange leaves... *o* So pretty...


Just on the left of the Tenryuuji North gate. You can't miss this. It was stunning... I wish I charged my camera.


Took the train to Nijo-jo station, to transfer to Karasuma Marutamachi station. This is pretty big. The mall behind has a cinema too.


Rainbows! I haven't seen one for a long time. Took several pics of it at different places.
This is taken at the Kyoto Gyoen (京都御苑), a big park surrounding the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Too bad you need to make reservations days before to enter the palace. It's not open everyday, and many people visit, too.


There were patrol cars going around the big park. It's seriously so big and anyone can enter it freely... How can they guard the whole place really...


I saw 2 trees like this. *o* The fallen leaves are pretty...


Well, it gets really dark at night, there are barely lightings. Time to go home. It was so freezing that my hands and feet hurt.


Bought from Kyoto. Shinsengumi chopper. A papercraft of Kyoto cart. Actually I like the "Machiya" better, but it's just square, easy to make by yourself if you want. But this one.. the wheels have detailed holes *o* And a pretty postcard for a friend. I should've posted it from Kyoto, eh... orz

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Japanese Clinic

Is busy with uni stuff and moving and end of year stuff so I haven't been writing.
m(_ _)m

I went to a Japanese Clinic today to get a health check up, required for my master course application. Found one clinic nearby that was less crowded and cheap. The one I found in the city costs ¥40,000 o_o it takes like 3 hours and do i dunno what test. But I only need to get the form filled, only ¥9,000, was lucky to find this clinic... through google. And thankfully, despite being a small clinic, they can fill in the English form.
Really. I can't survive without internet. I'm so thankful they have a website.

The clinic was full of old men. I was worried when I came in that I thought I'd have to wait for all of them. And I already came early, since I want to get it done fast before my class. But apparently I'm the first one to do the test (only one?). That still takes about 1.5 hours. Well, they're not doing health check up only, so I have to wait for people who do injections and stuff.

Those old men was then called upstairs, and when I went upstairs, I saw a room of beds with those people there. I'm not sure what they're getting cured off, blood care for diabetes? Anyway, I was too scared to peek in.

I did urine test, weight, height, a machine with some weird "tentacles" to my body which produced a graph, x-ray, blood test (ouch), blood pressure, doctor check, and eye test. It'll be another 2 weeks before I can get my result. It's still in time for the application. Phew.

The blood pressure was probably free, it's just outside of the counter. The toilet has cups and pens to write down your name, and passing the cups through the window. Same as what I did in Aussie too, but this one was an old building, haha. I'm really not sure what graph was it the tentacles machine produced... it's very weird. I should've asked. x-ray was really fast, hmm.

Eye test! It looked something like this:


@_@ very different to what I knew. It includes hiragana!
And my sight was something like 1.5? 1.2? I have no idea what those numbers mean. They're written beside the lines. I can only read 2 lines from the last line. Does this mean my eyes are going bad? I remember I can usually read till the last one, but it seemed to be bigger than these ones.