Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wrongly Used Ticket


I currently uses 3 different kinds of train tickets that I use regularly. So one day when I'm in a rush, I put in the wrong ticket in... orz And so I got this from the station master in replacement for one time ride from the multiple ride card. So I'm saved! Thank you!

Monday, August 3, 2009

1seg (ワンセグ)


<3<3<3<3 Roy

I was on the train when they air Hagaren. So I watched it on the train. I forgot that I can watch it on my phone until some minutes past. Then, I forgot to plug in my earphone until halfway. Ahh. And I spent sometime to rotate this screen. Somehow it wouldn't rotate... orz

It was descent. It was slightly glitchy towards the end, no signal. But overall, not bad. I love 1 seg. It's complete with special tv menu and subtitle! GPS is also awesome. But I figure I don't need navi that much so I cancelled the 210 yen/month service, saves money.

Noww... I still haven't got the chance to use Osaifu Keitai (mobile wallet).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tenjin Matsuri

Was in Osaka on 24-25 July. I only went for the 2nd day. Decided to walk to the site since it's close enough from Umeda station.


On the way, got my lunch at Saizeriya. 299 yen. I love this Doria.


On the way there, I went pass a temple, and yeah wished for a wish. There were some people wandering around there.


Sort of an exhibition at the temple.


The crossing bridges in Umeda is awesome. This is the small one.


Doesn't that electric pole look dangerous?


I spot miko! Or maybe girls dressing as miko?


At the end of the closed big street, there was a march from the temple I guess. People were taking pics and stopping there.


After that I go with the flow of the people. They were basically walking in 1 way. So I suppose the next event will happen there.


This is the next event, the bridge is closed... And people were sitting on the roadside.


Nothing was there after awhile. Down on the river, people are getting on the boats.


Then came a march of people dressing up like this. Reminds me of gnomes.


Next, the crowd are moving towards the small road. When suddenly the police asked us to move aside.


And a tengu showed up!! People were watching from their windows too.


Going straight on, there were loads of stands. But I was still full. Ningyo Sukui! As Mikuru requested! I didn't play though.


Then I'm not sure where to go afterwards. Going along with the most crowds again, seems like they're heading to the fireworks place. Some of the roads were forced to be one way walking. There were too many people. And polices shouting "don't ride on your bikes, please go on one way"... Non stop. Must be tough.


We were going right on the side of a big street.


And look at the zebra cross!


More of one way pics. Omawari-san (policeman)!


We're heading towards the bridge.


Look at the crowds coming out from the other end.


Look at the amount of people...


I can barely see stuff and move. There were just too many people.


The boat with the lights up.


The fireworks were a bit disappointing. I've seen better in Aussie, I think. But seems like this is the small one. Each is supported by companies, like this.


There were lots of companies, but all were short ones. And so, it ended. Move with the crowds again.


Decided to go to the stands and get something to eat. I only had coffee while standing and walking for 6 hours.


And I got Tamago Senbei.


The egg is heart shaped. But eating wasn't very peaceful. Lots of people smoking on the free space. And I dripped the egg yolk again!


Say bye bye to the boats, it's time to go home.


And look at the rubbish people left. Even if it's Japan, it still get this dirty. They were scattered here and there too.


I walked with the crowd again. Not too sure where I'm going as long as it's towards a station. Here's Osaka Castle from far.


This one I've been wanting to snap. Liberty statue (upper half?!). Not sure what's that. And again I spilled the melted ice of my drinks (didn't find a proper trash can in the station).