Wednesday, March 18, 2009

University contact

My first contact with the university was in June 2008. That time I was still wondering what to study in Japan. Then I found this interesting lab and decided to give an email last minute, if we can visit the lab. I got a reply and we scheduled for a visit there.

On the day of visit, it was my fault that we didn't leave early enough. We accidentally took the wrong train and was late for the meeting for almost an hour. Luckily, they still warmly welcomed us (me and parents and brother), and the very busy professor was still there in the office. It's a bit surreal to see what I've seen only in media, alive. The foreign student there brought us for a little tour. Then showed us the way to get home. It was a loooong walk, and involved another unknown Japanese students on the way. They're all so kind. =3

And so, a few months later, in September, it was decided that I go to this school. So we contact the university through a friend in Japan, but was asked to contact directly with the secretary. And then goes the long journey of emails...