Wednesday, March 25, 2009

University Application

On my visit to the university, I was given an application booklet. There, it's written the procedure and the form. Note that you need a professor for Master degree. So I wrote the name of the professor that I met.

I'm in contact with the professor's secretary through email. Firstly I use English, after a few exchange I use Japanese. It's a bit awkward at first, but heck, I'll be learning in Japanese over there! Then, I first send the scanned version of my completed application form as well as my resume, university results, and a letter certifying that I'm finishing my bachelor degree that year. I don't need TOEFL as I have an Australian degree.

The next month, in October. I was told to call the professor himself. Aggh... It was so embarrassing. I couldn't talk properly and was very nervous. And kept on saying sumimasen in a weird way. I wanted to dig a hole... But I was told to continue my application anyways. T_T

After that, I was told to sent the documents by mail. Costs about $36(?) from Australia, reaching Japan in around 5 days, I think. Had to send a few times as more documents were needed. I must thank EMS for fast delivery, though I wish they costs cheaper. Then, bank transfer for the application fee.

Oh, I also needed guarantor. Luckily my dad has a friend who's willing to be one. He's been very very helpful. The secretary helped me to submit my application in November. Throughout the time, I was worried with the exam date. Since I have to book ticket and apply for visa. I only know the date roughly before mid-November, and I booked the ticket and hotel with the rough date reference. The exam was decided to be at the end of December, and it fit into the date I booked, phew.

And so the dreadful exam...