Tuesday, April 14, 2009

University exam

As soon as I arrived in Osaka few days before the exam, and checked into the hotel, I went to the university just for small greetings and gift to the lab. Also to check how much time is needed to get to the university. After that me and mom went for some shopping. For the days before exam, it's like, shopping till night.

cross hotel
Then I'd try to do last minute study at night on the bed. While tempted to watch the awesome variety shows on TV. I know it's bad. But the quality of the TV was so good and it's a really big LCD TV in our hotel room at Cross Hotel (don't expect any help with luggage and remember to return both room keys on check out, other than that, awesome hotel). Nonetheless, I doubt last minute studying can help much on my minimum exam preparation. I was busy with university back then and no one to help me with.

dusty stairs
It took more than an hour to get to the university from the hotel. I think we went somewhere near 7am. The exam starts at 9am. I didn't have any confidence on passing the exam. And my preparation was definitely not enough. We went to the old building where the exam was held. It was so old and so dusty. Probably one of the dirtiest place I've seen in Japan. The room is not dirty. But the floor outside was. I was very nervous and after some time of waiting, other guys who'd be taking the exam with me came. And they're all boys, as expected. Moreover, there are only 6 of us, and 4 of them are Chinese. And turned out that we were all going for the same professor. o_o; I can't imagine how popular my professor is. At least with the foreign students. It's a foreign student exam btw.

And so the exam. Of course the introductory speech was all done in Japanese. But I had no trouble understanding it. The problem was the exam. I think it lasted for 3 hours. And there were 2 papers to be done in that time given. I was already finished probably in 1 hour. And I really couldn't think of what else to write. Those other guys were all still busy writing. Oh btw, when applying I was supposed to choose 2 subjects out of 10 options for the exam. I suppose it could be expected that those guys took similar subjects as I did. And so, that indicates how badly I did at the exam. I never finishes writing exam answers before the time finishes, and I always stay behind for checking the answers. But I never finish 2 hours earlier! I was sleepy waiting for the exam time to finish and tried to add more answers as I could.

And then when the time finishes. It's time for lunch. I was relieved to leave the exam place. Though after that I had to face an interview exam. The lunch was wonderful though. The canteen is big and had lots of nice food. And it has this conveyor belt for people to put away their bowls and stuff. It's awesome. But I miss how Australians male would normally open doors for ladies or people behind. It's not the case here. =(

waiting room
Time for the exam, and I was back at the designated building. We were told to wait in this waiting room till our number was called. I was the last, being the only person who was not a research student. After the person before me is in the interview room, I waited at the chair right outside the interview room. I was dreaded by that time...

I was expecting 3 people interviewing me. Heck, 1 person is scary enough. But. There were like... all of the department's professor present in the big meeting room. At least 10 of them. I feel so dead. Most of them remained quiet and seem to be busy with something else. The one asking me were the main professor, my professor, and another professor who marked my exam (yes, already, how fast, it's only during lunchtime!!).

I heard from the other students that they were only asked general questions like why you choose this university and so. But for me. I was asked what I did I major in. My exam result was so bad. So bad that it's shameful (maybe?) that I come from a sort of mechanical background. Also asked if I didn't study. I answered that I didn't study enough. I couldn't answer properly in Japanese and also had trouble hearing them in Japanese. So we used English.

I was asked if I can make it to level 1 ability of Japanese. I knew I wouldn't be able to pass the JLPT level 1 I just took. So I said so but I will try hard for getting better before April. It didn't last long, 10 min max. And I was let go.But I felt so awful and just want to get away from there. I felt really low and stupid and crazy for even trying to go for the exam. At least I proved I'm brave enough as the only girl there. Maybe. Sigh. And so next... is after the exam, and what research student really is.