Monday, June 29, 2009

Tsuutenkaku to Namba

Last weekend's trip is to Shinsekai to see Tsuutenkaku Tower. It's a walkable distance from Namba station, but the closest station is Doubutsuenmae. It's right beside the zoo. Reached the station at around 13:00, was back at Namba station around 16:20 so that I could go home in time to watch Hagaren =D


From doubutsuenmae exit 1, go through this tunnel and through to Janjan-chou.



One of the old theatres over there. Interesting posters. There's another one just walk a bit through into the small street ahead, I was expecting another old themed theatre, but seems like it's all ero, nude women poster... And barely people there. There are lots of old men in Shinsekai. I was scared and just dashed over to the main street again ;_;


One weird bike here. And a look through the main street.


At the other end of the main street. Can see the roller coaster up there.


Lunch at Kametsuruya. The kushikatsu is smaller that what I thought, but it's yummy. I watched from TV that you can only dip the kushikatsu once into the sauce bowl, since it's used by everyone, and yes, the dipping sauce is always right on the table. 4 kushikatsu and calpis is 700 yen. Nice big place and has clean toilet. Small places that has long queues and seem to be tastier and cheaper doesn't have toilets, do they?


Under the tower. The entrance is on the right side. Smaller that what I thought, again. Japan really looks big through the photos, but it's really actually small. Same as what I thought at Shibuya.


From the top. How many Joshin are there down there? This is toward the Denden town and Namba.


Looking down, there's the 3 branches of the road to the north, the one on the left is where I'm going next.


Decided to get this plate. 100 yen with Billiken on it.


Small cards containing information and discounts to other places like Kobe tower or manga museum in Kyoto.


Comparison with Monster vs Alien. The girl is voiced by Becky.


Down to Shinsekai road? It was so empty. This shop looks so old themed.


Tsuutenkaku from north. That big guy was holding a big plushie and humming something...


A chair and a box for 5 yen. From a second hand shop.


Denden town. Go straight up and left and there's Namba. About 20 min walk from Shinsekai.