Thursday, September 3, 2009


Sorry for not updating for a long time. Been busy with this and that.
To summarize quickly.

I failed my 2nd attempt for University Entrance exam. Different exam, but, fail is fail. Was very depressed for more than a week. I'd go for my last attempt for university entrance exam next year.

Went to Tokyo to accompany mom and friend. Gundam really sooth me, even though it was in the middle of typhoon. The movement's crude, but still awesome. AWESOME. Wish they put it there forever.

I turned 24.

Attended HAL Taiken Nyuugaku. Was fun. I do think I should have a backup plan. One is not enough for Japan. It's really tough here. But I will survive somehow. If I give up here and go back home, I'd definitely regret it my whole life. So yeah, I should somehow find a way to cheer up. I wish I can give something back to the kind people around me. I feel so guilty for failing.

Gonna start applying for a scholarship. But yet again, I feel so bad for applying for it. But I couldn't say no if they offer me one. Why not take it?

Suddenly have the urge to get an iPhone. Did lots of research online and off. Was thinking of getting iPod Touch instead, but I reckon combining the phone into 1 is not bad, much lighter bag. Initially I decide to get it if I pass the exam. But I didn't. And yet my parents still let me get it. But I cant forgive myself for getting one after failing an exam. Maybe they let me because I'm so so so depressed with the exam result. I think the last time I felt like that was 10 years ago-ish.

It'd cost me 9900yen-ish for canceling my AU. And since my current visa has less than 1 year remaining, I'd have to pay full front, 57600yen for 16GB. Then if I do a 2 year contract, I'd be discounted for 1920yen monthly for 24 months (from the bill, excluding the basic white plan thingy). That's what I figured out so far. Some people say about having credit card/bill and gaijin card, they'll let them pay monthly. But I don't have utility bill under my name nor a Japanese credit card (another gruesome journey for that). Since the local Softbank sold out the iPhone, will try again tomorrow at another branch.

Apparently Softbank's having a promotion of discounting when we transfer from another provider with MNP (keeping your phone number). But MNP costs 2700yen. And the discount that I was interested was for 5 months of free white plan fee. That'd still save me like 2000yen ish. Worth it. My phone number's not that important, but why not, I guess.

So yeah, basically, I'm just so hyped for iPhone. That keep me alive for now.