Tuesday, April 14, 2009

University after exam

After exam. I visited the professor's laboratory to meet the secretary. She kept on reassuring me that I'll be fine with the exam. While I knew I'd definitely be the worse.

So I refused to see the dormitory since I don't think I can enter the university. And that was sort of a wrong choice. Now I don't know how good/bad the dormitory is. It's in another campus' complex. And I have to take a free shuttle to reach my campus. And that other campus is far from the station (I think). Oh well.

Though mom was also sure I'd pass since the professor kept on asking whether I can pay the tuition fee without working part time. I'm not sure if I won't be allowed to work part time (I'd love to work in a konbini, imagine being surrounded by those cute snacks and drinks and sweets).

Later in the afternoon, I received an urgent email from the secretary, saying that the professor needs to meet all of use, the exam takers. Since it's not possible to go on that day (it was already too late by the time I knew the email), I decided to go for the next day.

I arrived early at the university. The queue into the train was so awesome. Very. Very. Tidy. They all queue in one line, should've took pic of it. After waited for awhile, I was asked to go in and talk with the professor.

The professor told me that I was the worse among 6 of us. I knew it. And he was sure I won't pass even though the official announcement is still 1 month later. He told me that if I want to enter as a research student, he'll accept me. And that I can enter at any time I want. The other students entered as a research student in September, I think. One was since April.

I was asked again whether I studied properly or not. *cringed* I feel so very guilty. But he also told me that there's never been the case of a foreign student got in directly through the entrance exams. Normally, people go through a research student phase. And that made me relieved. He expected too much of me, maybe? But I'm pretty sure I'm the dumbest of them all. Not to mention the only girl. I already felt very intimidated. Though that does give me a plus.

So. I said I will talk again with the secretary regarding research student after discussing with my family. The secretary then gave me the form for research student and told me that this is a rare chance. They rejected lots of students in the past. And for me to be able to be his research student was awesome. And that what made me sure I have to grab this chance. I was initially unsure that I'd fit with this field and wanted to pursue another field.

So yes, I shall begin my life in Japan as a research student.