Thursday, May 7, 2009

Visa Procedure

Once I received the permit from Japan, I started my visa application. But I had to return 3 times since the requirements were missing/incorrect. Like 4.5 x 4.5cm photo, bank accounts, letter from dad, dad's business permit, family register, ID, permit from university,... While I need guarantor for university's form, I only need to specify the university's name for the guarantor. I was afraid since I thought they need 2 months to process my visa. But actually, they only need 5 working days for it. =) Costs Rp 270,000, I think. It's a bit troublesome to collect all the requirements, but nothing too hard.

1 year single entry visa

07 April 2009
Picked up my passport at the embassy~ I got my visa!

I didn't realize the expiry year until mom pointed out to me. It's in July 2009! Only 3 months while the stay is given 1 year? Stupid me for not checking it first. So I decided to check out. On the internet. orz

Found this on gaijinpot. And it mentions that the date mentioned on a single entry visa is the date you are allowed to first enter Japan. Once you enter, the visa will be stamped used. If you want to go for a holiday in the period of your stay in Japan, you must acquire a re-entry permit. This website has a detail on it. I will post mine when I do it there =3

Now that I get my visa, it really feels like the Japan I've always dreamed of is much closer. XD

What's left is my mom's visa, as the ticket could have some date changes to them now. I have to wait.