Thursday, May 7, 2009

University Application part 2

Since I had to send another form for research student. Since they've got my other documents, I only need to send them the research student application form, which includes a short essay of why I want to enter the university, and also the form for the embassy. And off they go with DHL.

I received the university approval permit through email in February, a couple of weeks after I sent the documents. One month later, in March, I received the permit for the embassy - visa purposes, through mail. So that's when I started the visa application.

However... I received a news that I may have to change department and redo the application. I was told that I can decided that in Japan, but turned out that I needed to decide it soon. Therefore, I decided to change department, and sent in another research student application and fee to Japan. It's basically the same, but I need to write lesser amount of "why this course/university" thingy.

Since the university has received my form and the application fees (10,000 yen) already, the matter's resolved in April. The tuition fee is paid only after reaching Japan. And it's not that much. Research student fee is around 130,000 yen per semester (6 months). Master course is 6-700,000 yen per year. Comparing to how much I paid in Australia per year... it's AUD 24,000. It's more than half. ^_^; The accommodation is much more expensive, though.

Well, next is the packing. =3 Must not bring too many stuff there. Kind of hard to decide which one's more important...