Sunday, June 14, 2009

105yen Shop



Supposedly 100 yen, but 5 yen for tax.

Well, most of the products may not be made in Japan, but some are. The most famous one would be Daiso. There's a 5 storey Daiso shop near Denden town. It's a great landmark to know that you're going the right way from Namba Parks to Denden town XD

There's another store in Namba station which focuses on "zakka"-ish stuff. Some of their products are 500 yen though. Then, another store I found today is the store above. This also focuses on "zakka"-ish stuff. But all of the items are 105 yen. I bought a very very very cute bowl there. So cheap. Some of the stuff are the same as what I found at another 105 yen shop, Seria.

For example, above: chopsticks, bowl, mat, glass = 420 yen. Well, they don't look expensive, but they don't look too cheap either.