Monday, June 15, 2009


Namba (Minami -- South) is my most favourite place in Osaka. Or maybe just because I'm more used to it than Umeda (Kita -- North). Hmm, but Umeda doesn't have Denden town. Well, though if it's Hanakimi, I'd prefer the doctor... ;p Namba has lots of cute clothes shops, lots of nice food, and there's the Osaka's Akihabara, Denden Town.


Well, first stop was lunch. The shop has various meals involving curry and omurice (tomato ketchup fried rice covered with a thin omelette). Yumm. The shop was kind of long and narrow. Like one shop I saw on TV. You can put your belongings under the table, on the hanger, or on top, just like the ones in the trains. Such a cute shop.


Was starving and had Omurice Kare-, 580 yen.


Found this Manner Station. Place for the people to smoke. Rarely see people smoke on the street here.


The Shinkabukiza is closing this month. It will move to Honmachi. I'm not sure if they're going to destroy the building like what will happen to Tokyo's Kabukiza. ='( Kind of sad. I wanted to go, but their last show is not Kabuki...


It's to the left from Namba Park. Passing Taito, passing Daiso, passing furniture shops. Nanzan-doori - Denden town. Takashimaya is at the corner. Turn right.


Keep on going straight and this is the first anime shop. It sells lots of the opened random boxes. Famous characters with higher prices. They sell the packaged 1 sets too. There are also discounted ones. 2nd floor is for the big figurines.


Pass the Gundam shop. I never went into the 2nd floor. Since I'm not planning to buy any Gundam at the moment. After Gundam shop, there's McD where I always stop by to rest and have 100 yen stuff. I'm so cheap =d


Go straight and reach Animate. For new and properly placed anime goods. Not a big store, so not much figurines. But lots of anime goods like bath powder, food, handkerchiefs, etc. 1st floor is for books and 2nd floor is for figurines and various anime goods. The TV at the stairs have been playing Hetalia for 2 weeks. Afterwards, there're 2 K-books shops.


Volks store. The first 4 floors are for the usual anime goods. Not that complete, but it has its own section for figure kits. There are also racks for rent for people who want to sell their stuff. 5th floor is the Dollfies shop. The display is not as good as Akihabara, but it seems to be more well stocked. Is disappointed I can't buy Takeru's head separately. Maybe I'd buy the Takeru set. The EB head is expensive. But yeah, Takeru's head still don't have hair. Hmmmm...


Not sure what the big bug on top of the building is. I saw a half Liberty Statue on the train, too. Weird. It was too fast I couldn't take pic of it.


This is a street parallel with the Denden town main street. Seems like I only see males here. With some maids. And few girls. Hm. There's Gamers shop as well.

I'm still not sure which shops sell the cheapest. Animate is the most expensive, I suppose. If you can find the stuff at K-books, it'll be cheaper mostly. I got a 6cm Tsuna for 105 yen. Otherwise, the first store is so far the most complete that I know. For bigger figures, I think Mandarake is the best. Well, it sells a mix of new and second, I think. But the ones I bought there are all very new.