Monday, July 20, 2009

Unagi Day

In Japanese, it's called doyo no ushi no hi (土用の丑の日). It falls in the middle of summer. It's one of those tactics by people to sell more of their stuff, and dates back to 2 centuries ago. On this day, you eat Eel (Unagi), and believed that it'd keep you healthy to go through the rest of the hot summer. This year, it falls on 2 days. One of them is 19 July. I had one this afternoon. There has been advertising of the Unagi day since few days ago, in konbini and supermarkets. I don't think they lower the price at all, except for one restaurant I know, 790yen to 690 yen.


In supermarkets, they have special corner for Unagi. This one is the unagi only, not the bento. There are two types, Japanese products and Chinese products. The Chinese one costs half of the Japanese one. There's been cases of food poisoning from Chinese products, hasn't it. Wanted to get the Japanese one, but ended up buying a cheap Unagi nigiri (sushi shaped one), 398yen.


So I'm not sure whether it's a local one or an international one. orz