Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter @ IMAX

There are only 3 IMAX theaters in Japan, 1 of them is in Osaka. I've never been to IMAX before, so I'm not sure what to expect, except for hearing that the screen is big. Osaka's IMAX is at Minoh, 109 Cinemas. I took bus to get there.


109 Cinemas is located in Visola. I like the bridge design. It was such a hoooot day.


The entrance door is so small and cramped with people waiting inside.


The queue wasn't that long, I arrived around 40 min before the movie starts. I've been checking the seats online. Wanted to get it online, but it requires credit card. I don't want to be charged with extra charges, 2200 yen is expensive enough. It seems like lots of people has bought the tickets in advance, but I figured 1 person's seat would be okay.


Everytime I checked the site, this particular seat number always come up. And guess what, it ended up to be the seat I'm getting in the end. ^_^;; Maybe it's the only left?


This one is the brochures I took and given. The glasses to see the 12 minutes special 3D scenes are given at the entrance. I'm not sure why they gave me that sticker. Not sure what movie is that from. They also sell movie pamphlets. I peeked at a person who's flipping it in front of my seat, but I figured it'd be too expensive for 800 yen?


This time, they checked our tickets at 1 gate, hmm. So maybe it's possible to switch around to other theaters? I've never done it back in Aussie, though, but it's possible I guess. The seat is more comfortable than the previous one, but still, narrow!! I was sitting with a couple on my left and right... agggh. And my bag barely fit the chair width. ;_; And also dropped my glasses in the middle of the show, and people turned over and looked at me... ///// After the show, most people also stayed until the credit is over. I ended up staying as well as I need to take the glasses under the seat in front to return it to the staff... orz


After that I wandered around a bit, it's a pretty nice place actually, near the hills, but I don't feel like eating dinner there, and so ended up going home early.


Ice Chai (¥160) that I had for the day, I think I'd prefer it hot.


Bought some dessert for that night (around ¥300) in Visola. The biscuit of the cheesecake was so goood. It must be put to a fridge in 1 hour though, so I quickly rushed home afterwards.


My dinner for that night? Katsu-don, ¥630. Was scared with an old man who sat next to me just after I finished this meal, but the Katsu was so thick and yummy~