Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I love the TV here, very modern. It works like you have a cable/satellite TV in Indonesia. You can see the channels' schedule up to a week from today, and also book it so the it'll automatically switch to the channel, or if it's off, it'll turn on and off by itself. *o* The schedule's possible because of the digital broadcast.


There are 4 types of TV broadcast types that I can choose from my remote control. The first two are the 地上A and D (ground Analog and Digital). Then BS, and CS. I'm not sure what's CS, I don't use it. I also don't normally watch BS, it's filled with NHK and I think it's more boring. Most of the shows are on Ground D, where the main channels are, as far as I know. Ground A has some of Ground D channels, but it has such low quality, never watched from there. There's also Gyao, a paid cable TV of some sort. Mine's not working for some reason... orz But even with just normal TV it's quite enough, there are always interesting one to see, except when it gets late on sunday nights. Normally all of the channel goes sleep or switch to TV shopping sessions at around 2 or 3 on sunday nights.


This one lists the programs that I booked. And the list is full. A bit lame, I couldn't add more... ;_; Oh, you can browse the schedule by genres (anime, drama, variety, etc) and by time, neat.


On BS and CS, when you press "d" button, this kind of screen will show up. Kind of like a website. It differ from channel to channel. From there you can see the news, and local weather. Notice it doesn't only say Osaka, but also the suburb I'm in. Cool.


When the channel has a "data broadcast", it'll have this kind of special menu. For Fullmetal Alchemist, you can see the summary for current/previous episodes, character, opening/ending song info, and a barcode linking to the mobile website.


The image above has Japanese subtitle. Sometimes it'll have color and symbols and placed neatly, but sometimes it can get annoying and cover the pics or get really lagged on certain programs. But it helps me understand better, so... Still, isn't it awesome?! Subtitles!

So yeah, this'll end my post about the TV for now.