Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GPS Tracking

At the last trip to Osaka Castle, I switched between:

- Canon Camera
For nicer quality pictures.

- iPhone Camera
For its auto geotagging ability. It's pretty good just for daily recordings. And the focus on tap thing is awesome.

- Geotagging (by Everytrail -- the actual app called Everytrail wasn't useful for me)


It's convenient when you want to take pics only at certain spots, and not really having the need to fully track your walking path. The photos will be connected with lines automatically on the website. So I took pic twice, one for this path, one to keep. And that's why sometimes I just forgot to take proper pics for this XD

The path and pics are editable online though. But if only it shows up the time the photo was taken, it'd be perfect. They just released a new version of their website not long ago, I hope they'll keep on improving it.

The bad thing is that you can't save the photos to iPhone. =/ And can't set up the accuracy. So when you're at a bad area, it'll keep on trying to locate and won't track.

- GPS Tracker (Instamapper)


The nice thing about it is you can track as often or as rarely as you want, very accurate, or just about, useful when you're at a bad signal area. And it keeps all your GPS recording, you can then choose your point you want to use as your track online. I use the exported gpx file to geotag my Canon camera using GPS Photo Linker.
You can see the time when the points are recorded. Nice.
But I don't think the points are editable, it can be erased, though.

- セカイカメラ

For futuristic anime-ish experience XDD
I'm just worried with my battery, though. I need to get the backup battery pack.

Other useful software:

Run Keeper Free is nice if you're doing jogging. Which I intended to do, but only did once so far... orz


I used Trapster to record the trip in Kyoto, but it's a bit annoying, since it's main purpose is for people who drive and want to be careful with police traps(?). Not gonna use this again since Everytrail turned out nice.