Monday, September 28, 2009

Osaka Castle

hal festival, osaka castle, duck
Map created by EveryTrail.

The photos aren't that clear since I didn't take my time taking them. Just sort of went along.


Went to see HAL-Mode Festival today, and it's at Osaka Castle Hall. They displayed HAL final year students' projects, and most of them really are "game" centered like. They made it look like game centers. Awesome. Didn't get to play them since I was late though. The Mode Gakuen was also awesome. I really like the veggie costumes. They also invited Tsunku, and he sang some songs. It was like a concert.


Afterwards, since Osaka Castle is just nearby, I went to see it. It's been 9 years since I first saw it. I didn't get in it, just passing by. I remember the gates, but can't remember inside the castle itself. The train ride costs ¥200. This one goes to JR station.


You can climb these steep stairs to see the surroundings. It's really steep.


There's a lift to climb up. Hehe, looks so modern.


This is Osaka history museum. Reminds me of Tokyo University.


There are many families bringing their kids to spend the afternoon here. Some are tourists. Some people draw. Some people took pics. And there's one monk over there.


There's a temple nearby. Just outside one of Osaka Castle's gate.


Some food stands outside the temple. Ikayaki (grilled squid) and shaved ice with syrup.



Out of the castle area, there's NHK building. And a park, people jog and sat around. Nice weather too.


See the yellow blob in the middle? (Is walking through the small street) Getting closer...


Ack. It's behind this weird looking Osaka special tourist bus.


Urmm... from the butt! XD People are busy taking pics! And I hear some music...


There's a robotic dragon boat bursting fire and water alternately!


The dragon retires. Putting the big yellow thing to the attention again.



The giant yellow thing is a balloon rubber ducky XD It's his last day in Osaka. He's gonna continue his trip round the world tomorrow.


Comparing with people's size.


If you see from セカイカメラ (Sekai Camera), it's like this... very crowded. Lots of people use iPhone, eh? And that app is really popular. Or maybe everyone who has iPhone has セカイカメラ and post one thing here?


On the other hand, Autumn is coming!

Below is a more detailed GPS track. Ignore the max speed. Haha ^_^; Not sure how it gets that.

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