Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kyoto Trip

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My main aim for this Kyoto trip was to see Kyoto Louvre Museum. It was on Silver Week, not only international tourists, but Japanese had long holidays, so people are out for travel. There were long queue for bus. So I decided to take train since I thought it might be faster, but probably not so. And alas, when I finally reached there the museum, the queue was 120min.


Some people waiting at a konbini nearby.


Finished a manga while queuing and spent the rest reading novel, but my eyes were getting tired. When I finally got in, the amount of people inside were scary. Some people pushes (but of course not as bad as when we were in China, my grandma fell down a few times), and one obaa-chan were saying like "yosh, seen, next!". ^_^; So fast? I can't really see the paintings slowly though, tired of queueing and just... too crowded. But they're awesome. How can they paint such details... And the frames are awesome too, very grand, and look ancient. o_o;


Walked through a small path by the river. Awesome.


Anyway. After that I decided to go to Nijo-jo. I was quite sure it'd be close, but decided to go anyway since it's only a station away from my next destination. And yup, it was closed. There were other people taking pics as well, though.


Then on to a station walk. It's not that far, and it's nice to see the surroundings, too. So I like to walk one station distance over here (besides not having to pay one station train ticket, I got to see more places!). Surprisingly, these roads are so wide. Usually the road in Kyoto is so narrow, right? Some are like 1m(?) wide or something...


Next up is Manga Museum. They hold some events and exhibitions here. And that time they're lending iPhones for people to try their software (something like Sekai Kamera). But unfortunately it was too late already... =( And soon after that Sekai Kamera was released, so I'm happy. =)


You can read up any manga you like over there, well, their collection is not updated till recent ones, but at least a few years back. I didn't read much, just seeing around the museum. And sat down at the grass carpet, really nice. Will go spend one day there someday.


Kyoto at night is really quiet. On the wide street during my walk, people across the street must've been able to hear my camera sound. And barely people at the station at 8pm. It's still crowded around Kyoto station though. Maybe because where I walked was office area?


Escalator standing/through side. Which side do you stand in Kyoto? I think it's left. Is it only Osaka who stand on the right? And btw, I can't help laughing and felt happy when I stand on the right in Tokyo escalators by reflect. XD

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