Monday, September 14, 2009

Lucky, Presentations, and the Yakult Lady

Is very lucky today.
First thing was I didn't get lost this morning during rush time in that big station.
Then I got two drinks for one price from a drink machine (seems like I hit a jackpot).
After that I saw the last piece of a 50 pieces/day limited 4-leaves-clover bread, bought it.
Then I tried my luck with the capsule machine, and I got Okita!!

Japanese presentations.
They don't clap. I found it really weird. It's as if no one listens.
And they give out lots of papers, each presenter gives out one. And people barely read them.
The presentation was held at a building in the middle of the city, the scenery from up there is so awesome.
And I saw some amazing stuff too.
I think almost everyone there has their laptop on. Except me. And half of it are Macs. =D

Continuation of the Yakult ladies that I always see at a certain time in the afternoon riding bicycle, passing me.
Another Yakult lady knocked the place, offering Yakult drinks, I suppose. I find it... weird, but interesting. So I guess they go around places offering Yakult?