Sunday, September 6, 2009

Softbank iPhone 3GS 16GB Black

Softbank iPhone 3GS 16GB Black, originally uploaded by osakacchi.

My current main screen.

Couldn't hold the temptation to get an iPhone. So I decided to break up with the Japanese phone and go with an iPhone. Some different abilities of the 2 phones:

cost: ¥0 (had to subscribe to a few services, like insurance, music, navigation service, only for 2 months, and free to cancel afterwards) + charger is a separate ¥980-ish
internet highest cap: ¥4410
monthly plan: ¥980 (includes around ¥1000 free local call)
speciality 1: Felica, take most trains in Tokyo with just your phone, in Osaka, it's limited to JRs
speciality 2: Oneseg, ability to watch digital TV from phone, signal could be bad, depending on location
pros: ability to merge with the Japanese system... =/ the way it takes QRcode is awesome, even when it's very very small.
cons: inability to sync with my Macbook, have to use Windows to manage the music on the phone, have to pay to get new ringtones
idols: Arashi <3, Nakama Yukie
requirements: gaijin card prove, passport, bank book

Softbank iPhone 3GS
cost: ¥480 x 24 = ¥11520 (until 30 Sep 2009, was ¥2400 x 24, full front price = ¥57600)
internet highest cap: ¥4410 (until 30 Sep 2009, was ¥5985)
monthly plan: ¥490 (for students)
speciality 1: Appstore
pros: ability to sync with Macbook, that is awesome, camera spot focus to where you touch
cons: no Felica, no Oneseg, camera focus is worse at some point
idols: SMAP, Ueto Aya
requirements: student card, health insurance card, bank card

New Contract / Cancellation related cost
MNP (Mobile Number Portability) = ¥2000-ish
KDDI DaredemoWari (Monthly discount for everyone -- those who cancels 2 year contracts) = ¥9000-ish
Softbank のりかえ promo (move from another provider) = using MNP, 5 months of free basic cost (¥490 for me), for students, additional 5 months free = -¥4900

My parents was letting me get iPhone nonetheless, so I started asking starting from a nearby shop. But they sold out. Next, Namba's Bic Camera, also sold out. After leaving Bic Camera, we had to go home to pick up mom's passport. And at the same time I took my student card and train tickets that I left behind (this is important!). Afterwards, I went to ask at another store in Ebisubashi, they have it!

I was expecting to pay full front, as I've read on internet. The lady started by asking me my passport and gaijin card. Then she asked my health insurance and student card, and my bank card for payment. And then she said, since I have the student card and health insurance card, it's possible for me to pay 24x!!! Instead of the ¥57600 full front! Even though my visa is currently expiring next March!

Such a nice lady. The shop seems to be gaijin friendly too. There was a gaijin talking to the shop's hmm... a gaijin manager? Not sure. After awhile, there were other gaijin coming too. Was there for 1.5 hours. They had to do those paperworks and transferring of my number. And also applying for credit card, which hopefully will arrive soon, I need it. Mom was complaining while I was all smiley. orz

So there I went with my new phone. Note that the MNP process was pretty fast. So my AU phone was rendered useless at that spot. Though I didn't try it after the process. It now sits on its box nicely. Anyone interested getting it? Hehe. But I guess it won't work outside Japan since it has that weird Japanese only network...