Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hanafuda 花札

Something I forgot to mention on my Summer Wars post yesterday.
The game they played throughout the movie, and what was used to beat the Bot at the final stage, was a card game called Hanafuda, with the phrase that often said "Koi Koi". I had no idea such game exist. I knew about Karuta, the hiragana games that's played in new year's...


The Tsundere Boys Karuta version. Or Tsundere moe version. Or Queens Blade version. I played them when I first learned Japanese. Whoah, I wish these cards existed back then XD So interesting!

But! After some googling, turned out that Nintendo, that's apparently been around since 1889! *gasp* produced card games, oh wait, produces! The Hanafuda cards, they still sell it till now! Aaaa... That's why there were no PSP, because even the card game and DSi are all Nintendo XD (Maybe)

That made me want to learn and get this card game. Some rules and online version of the game, though I had no idea and just keep on clicking and losing o_o;;

There's even a Hello Kitty version of Hanafuda (and Disney as well)!