Sunday, October 18, 2009

Summer Wars サマーウォーズ


So today I went to watch Summer Wars. It's released on 1st August, though I only watch it after seeing a documentary with Hosoda Mamoru, the director. It's an awesome movie. o_o!!! Here's the first 5 minute of the movie.

Basically the story is about an AI bot went beserk and attacking an online community, OZ, which also ended up messing the communication system in Japan. The main character is a high school boy who (almost) represent Japan in Mathematics Olympic. He won a Janken over his friend and won the part time job offered by his senpai, quite an idol in the campus. The job, was actually to be the senpai's boyfriend! She wanted to introduce him as her boyfriend to the grandma, who'd be having a big 90th birthday party in a village in Ueda. And the problem happened during his stay in the castle-like house...

Some points that caught my attention:
• The amount of tech and gadgets stuff!! The online community and Windows 7 to start, super computer, Japanese cellphones, Nintendo DSi, iPhone (complete with AT&T signal, owned only by Wabisuke-jichan? Not sure if the friend's also own one), a laptop that looks like a Dell.
• Why is it that the stupid action wasn't punished?! The ice, the fight...
• But I suppose without these annoying scenes, it won't be a complete movie?
• I don't understand why the need to damage the completely nice house...
• The family's history went back to Sengoku era, and there were some war talks, which I don't really get, must study on that. So the movie not only includes some high tech stuff, but also the old Japan itself, and very stylishly. I thought it's awesome.
• I thought the nosebleed scenes are so cute. No, it's not perverted.
• Family is important, really. I always like it when my big family gather around in new year's and some other events. Not a family that get along perfectly well, but I do love that we still make time to gather around. I hope it continues.
• Seems like sitting till credit finish will be my habit. They never turn on the light before the credit finishes. I like it anyway, not rushing to go out...

Definitely a must watch anime. I want to rewatch it again! X3


Other than that, Namba Parks, where I watched at, is such a stylish place. Love it. But it'd be very dangerous to visit Namba so often (too much dangerously want-to-get stuff, either otaku goods or zakka goods). Went to Denden town too. Finally got myself an Animate member card. The Bantorra pics is a free brochure from Animate, it has some info on new Anime/goods. Then, by printing out this coupon, you can get the Hello Kitty strap, Animate Tenchou version... XD