Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm starting my first day living in Japan! I've registered for Alien Registration. I've got a bank account @ UFJ. Got an AU brochure, but not sure which phone to get.

After a loooong transit, I took the midnight plane and arrived in Osaka in the morning. Was a bit worried with the health check thing, since I suddenly has a sore throat (must be the durian's fault). We were given a form in Bali, asking whether we contact any US/Canada/Mexico citizen or have fever and stuff. Wore the mask before we got down the plane, like 1/3 of the people wore them. No problem whatsoever in the custom. Was picked up by a friend. Since they don't wear the mask, we put them off. All of the employees wear masks, but not many people on the street wear. But it does seem important as my friend feels the need for a box of them. They're so so so so nice, we'd be so lost without them.

They picked us up and helped us with our big luggage. We arrived at the apartment around 1-2 hours later. The car doesn't look new, but the GPS is awesome, she used it everywhere she's driving. There, 2 people from the apartment were waiting for us to send the goods for living (maybe a bit expensive for 10,000 yen, but saved us from buying frying pan and stuff). Though I don't really get what use is kettle when we have an electric boiler. For tea maybe? Might as well use it. You know, like in manga, they serve tea to guests... lol. I've always been a bad host.

Anyways. After unpacking those goods, we left our baggage and went to the City Hall for Alien registration. Nothing too difficult. Got my 4.5x3.5cm photo from back home already. Oh, the certificate sent by the uni was eaten at the custom, no more need for it I guess. I just needed to fill up a simple form which also says I'm the head of my own family... which was a bit weird. And remember not to put the name opposite way. Family name first.

Then I was asked to get the health insurance. It was weird that we thought no payment necessary, but apparently, I'll have to pay the insurance when it's mailed to me. After that we picked up the proof of alien registration, which costs 150yen each. Made two, just in case someone decided to keep it. I'll need to pick the ID up at the City Hall 3 weeks later.

After that, bank. The closest to my apartment is UFJ. So we went there. My friend talked to the bank asking to let me open a bank account without inkan. After a long talk, we were asked to go to another branch of UFJ nearby. o_o; And there, I can open an account with just my signature. Another stupid thing was that I had to record a phone number. But I can't get a phone if I don't have a bank account. See? So the bank then recorded my Indonesian number and my friend's number. I don't know what I'd do without her... x_x;

Apparently it's not necessary to register the inkan you use. And it can be dangerous to register your inkan as that means anyone with that stamp can act as you. She said only if I want to buy a car, then I need to get a registered inkan. If not, a normal inkan is just a replacement for signature. The bank employee said that I'll need to get my name in katakana/alphabet in the inkan. Not sure what she said finally, it was confusing. Once I get my inkan, then I can change my signature to an inkan. And since I'd be staying for awhile, it's better to have an inkan. And seems like my unofficial chinese name stamp won't be useful at all. Agh, inkan. Funny system, it's cute but so complicated.

We then pass an AU store on the way back and asked for a brochure. There are a few phones that can be get for free. The CA001 that I want costs 48000yen in that store. And the next candidate, the exilim one, was 35000. Premiere 3 was 45000. Other new Panasonic/Sharp/etc ones were also 40000 yen up. It might be better if I get a Docomo one. But Docomo phones are expensive! Prolly like 20000yen different? So if I don't get the exilim, then I'd get the free one. And maybe change to an iPhone in the future. Not sure if they'd let me get the 2 year plan with just a 1 year visa.

No home phone here. And it'd be quite useless, might as well my parents call my mobile. Home phone would probably cost an extra 3000 yen a month. It's be more expensive to have one unless my parents call me like 10 hours/month. And we also have Skype, if she remembers how to use it. And I don't need to have home phone for internet. It's there already. And most Japanese youngsters don't have home phone, too. Oh well.

Had lunch at a Italian fastfood, called Se-- something. Pretty cheap. Should've gotten the spaghetti, seems yummier. Had the Risotto, but not cheesy enough for me =d The 180yen all you can drink-drink was awesome, too. Only it smelled cigarettes, though not that bad. And this thing... is all ice cream!

Then we went to a drugstore nearby. As usual, they are so wonderful. I didn't check whether they got mask or not, haha. Got an Omron electrical brush. Braun's one was too expensive. And Lion doesn't seem to be that reliable. It runs with a battery and so thin! Agh, remembering thin. I'll really aim for 50kg by this end of year!! Got a point card, since it's prolly useful. Will get soap and stuff from there in the future, too, since it's closeby. Not sure how it works, though.

And PS. My apartment includes electricity bills etc. How 便利!