Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm reaching there tomorrow! I can't believe it!! Me and mom are allowed to bring a total of around 75kg, I think, but "only" bring about 60kg. And since we will be picked up, (very lucky me), I don't have to worry about bringing the luggage up and down the trains.

I'm not too sure with what people give as a thank you gift in Japan. According to my aunt, she gave them jewelries. o_O;;; I have no idea... Wouldn't alcohol be enough? *shrugs* I'll leave those adult matters to mom. I only design the card.

Swine flu, masks. We bought 150 pieces. One piece is about 4 yen over here. Since I heard on the news that they run out of stock. Not sure if I'll wear them. But I heard it's not something to be panicked about. Though seeing the mask matter (out of stock, loooong lines in drug stores, prices x 30) did made me concern. Also about the shops with only few people visit them, or how the online supermarket is having big orders because people don't want to go out... hmmm.

Since my apartment is a furnished one, I don't need to bring/buy most household stuff. But I brought tissues and towels, little chance Japan will be cheaper. Also bowls for cooking, glad wrap, alu foil, medicine, women's stuff, bucket for washing. Clothes of course, and figures can't be forgotten. Though I decided to leave most of them here as it'd pile up over there (I'm sure I'd buy more), only 2 figma boys and L nendo go with me. Eheh.

Plug adaptor. Dad found an adaptor that goes from any country to any country. Awesome. Costs around 900yen. So I don't have to worry finding them in Japan. Couldn't find it last time, and the shop employee had no idea and offered me 2 plugs combined just to convert an Australian one to a Japanese one. =_=;

Anyways. By this time tomorrow, I'd be roaming around in Osaka finding a mobile phone and already registered as an alien, I hope.